3 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Taj Mahal / by Mitchell Serbu

It is said that after the completion of the Taj Mahal, workers were ordered to have their hands cut off to prevent the opportunity of there ever being another structure built as beautiful, and perfect, as the Taj Mahal...

1. The history behind the beauty

Beyond the pure beauty in the architecture and intricate design of the Taj Mahal lies a fascinating history of love, power, and death. I'll leave you to Google your way through the story of the Taj Mahal, but be careful,  you might be booking a flight to India immediately after!

Here is the short version: The King built this amazing wonder in honour for his favourite of 3 wives who died while giving birth to their 14th child. Shortly after the Taj Mahal was complete, the King's son took over the throne and sentenced him to prison 'til death where he could only view his masterpiece from a small window far away until he eventually died. Crazy!

2. Symmetry

If you are a sucker for symmetry, then you need to add this to your bucket list. Taj Mahal's  design is so precise that it makes you wonder how almost 400 years ago this level of perfection was even possible.  From the entire complex of buildings surrounding the Taj Mahal that all tie in together, to the smallest detail in the hand inlaid gem stones in the marble walls. Your expectations will be blown away.

3. Wonder of the World

Sure, the Taj Mahal is probably the most tourist infested location in all of India that you will visit, but how could you pass up visiting what is considered to be one of the modern wonders of our world? Sometimes there is a good reason for the insane crowds at tourist destinations. Take your travel ego that tells you to choose the path less taken and put it aside for just this time. You will be glad you did.

Honestly, I hardly noticed all the people because we were so distracted by the Taj Mahal itself. Accept of course being a foreigner meant many local Indians wanted to take at least 5 selfies with us until they finally got the whole family a souvenir selfie with a couple sweaty Canadians that are just barely surviving the hot Indian Spring.

Have you already visited the Taj Mahal? Tell me what your experience was like in the comments below.